Friday, July 2, 2010

Programming the Scanners

We use Metrologic MS7120 Orbit scanners because of their small size and superb performance. They can be obtained from various sources starting at $256 to $337 depending on where you buy them. It is very important that you do not skimp on the quality of the scanners because if they don't work properly you've just thrown good money after bad. You will need one for each register.

Before the scanners can be used, they must be programmed. Scanners are easy to program as each one comes with an operating manual. All that's required is that you scan the bar codes in the manual to make the scanner do what you want it to do. The scanners do not need to be connected to the POS to program them. They simply need to be powered on. The process to program the scanners is simple:

1. Enter the Program Mode.

2. Reset to Factory Defaults

3. Recall Standard Defaults

4. Disable Line Feed

5. Parity Even

6. Enable UPC prefix ID

7. Expand UPC E to 12 Digits

8. Exit Program Mode.

If at any time during the process you make a mistake, simply start over.

If the scanner does not beep when you pass an item in front of it, your set-up on the scanner is incorrect. You need to reprogram the scanner.

Scanners then need to be connected to Comm 12 on the back of the Edgeport router, which is connected to the Passport. Looking at the back of the router it will be Port 8 on the upper right side of the device. You will need to use a USB/Serial converter to make the connection. Try to scan an item from your stock. The Passport should chirp "Uh-Oh" and report that the item is not found. If not, recheck your connections and try again. You may need to reboot the Passport in order to get the scanners to work.

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